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Your roof takes a beating every day of the year. It could be hours and hours of intense sunlight, or it might be hailstones from a storm, high winds, rain, or branches. There are a lot of ways that your roof can be compromised, and even if it doesn’t get torn up by any of those things, it will still deteriorate over time and need to be replaced. When you need a roof replacement for your Elkins home, call your local roofing experts at Ultimate Roofing. They specialize in residential roofing and can help you determine if you want a shingle roof or metal roofing. Don’t wait until you have leaks or other issues, call them today to get your roof replacement moving.

New Roofing Installation in Elkins: Shingle Roofs, Metal, and Corrugated Roofing

When you are ready for a new roof installation, the big question you have is whether you want to go with a shingle roof or if you want a metal roof, sometimes referred to as corrugated roofing. Shingle roofs have the advantage that they tend to be less expensive than other kinds of roofing materials, but they also have a good useful life in exchange for that cheaper price tag. There are many different varieties of shingles to choose from as well, meaning you can likely find the right style and color to complement your home.

Corrugated roofing does tend to have a slightly higher cost, but this is made up for by the length of useful life. Metal roofing usually lasts for 40 to 50 years, and sometimes longer. They also hold up better to hail, wind and rain. Speak with your Ultimate Roofing specialist to learn more about all of your options.

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You might be inclined to look for the cheapest roofing company that you can find, but often this means substandard work on your roof, and a company that doesn’t have roots in Elkins and will be difficult to reach should you have issues with your roof. You want a roofing contractor that has been around the area for years and who has a vested interest in doing the job right. Go with a local, family-owned roofing company like Ultimate Roofing.

Elkins is a city in and the county seat of Randolph County, West Virginia, United States. The community was incorporated in 1890 and named in honor of Stephen Benton Elkins, a U.S. Senator from West Virginia. As the West Virginia Central and Pittsburgh Railway expanded, Elkins experienced the luxury of passenger train service. In 1930, 18 passenger trains were arriving and leaving Elkins daily. All passenger service was discontinued in 1958.

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