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When you are ready for a roof replacement on your Clarksburg home, do you understand all of your options? If you are looking at shingle roofs, do you know what style and color you want? If you are looking at metal roofing, do you know what color you want as well as the style of the metal? What you really need is a roofer that knows all about the different options that would work for your home, and Ultimate Roofing has the experience of hundreds of jobs to provide you with the latest information on your new roof installation. Give them a call today to start the process of a roof replacement.

Shingle Roofs in Clarksburg, WV

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most common roofing material, and yet many people don’t realize the wide variety of options when it comes to using shingles for your roof replacement. If you are looking at basic shingles, these are commonly referred to as 3-tab shingles. This is what you will often see on many homes in your neighborhood. Beyond those, there are dimensional or architectural shingle roofs which are second-tier asphalt shingles. And finally, there are luxury shingles that really pop and look great as a roof replacement.

New Roof Installation in Clarksburg

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Metal Roofing in Clarksburg, WV

Metal and Corrugated Roofing in Clarksburg, WV

Corrugated roofing, often called metal roofing, is the other major roofing material that you’ll see on homes. Like shingle roofs, metal roofing has a variety of options for a new roof installation. Exposed fastener roofing requires less skill to install, and are common for residential roofing. The next option is hidden fastener roofing, and it requires a higher level of skill to install. The final option is stamped metal roofing, which provides a lot of different styles and looks.

Local Roofers and Roofing Company in Clarksburg, WV

It is important that you work with a local roofing company, such as Ultimate Roofing. A local roofing contractor wants to stay in business for the long term and to do that they have to follow through on their work. Stay away from the fly-by-night operations that you see one day in Clarksburg and the next day they are gone.

The Virginia General Assembly authorized the town of Clarksburg in 1785. Now a city, it is named for General George Rogers Clark, a Virginian who conducted many expeditions against the British and Indians during the Indian Wars and the war of the American Revolution, including the strategically critical capture of Fort of Vincennes, now in the State of Indiana, in 1778. Confederate General Stonewall Jackson had been born in Clarksburg in 1824.

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