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Ultimate Roofing is a local roofing company that has done hundreds of residential roofing jobs and counting! From shingles to metal roofing, residential to commercial, and everything in between!

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No doubt that you’ve seen quite a few different roofing company trucks and trailers over the years since you’ve lived in your home. And probably you haven’t thought much about them because your roof was just fine. But now that it’s getting to be that time where your roof needs to be replaced, you’re probably starting to take a little more notice of them. One thing is for sure, you will want to have a local roofer that handles residential roofing do the job.

Be watchful for roofing contractors that suddenly appear after a strong storm has moved through the area. They aren’t a local company but are just looking for residential roofing jobs that they can complete quickly and then leave the area. Having a local roofing company install your new roof means that you can call someone if you have questions or for any issues or new damage. Ultimate Roofing is a local roofing company that has done hundreds of residential roofing jobs in Clarksburg, Morgantown, Bridgeport, Buckhannon, WV, Uniontown, Washington, PA, as well as the surrounding areas.

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Local Roofers Serving Northern West Virginia and Pennsylvania

When doing a roofing project, it is important that safety is kept foremost in the minds of the team working on the roof. With all of the roofing projects that Ultimate Roofing has done in Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia, they are keenly aware that at certain periods of the year a roof can become very slippery early in the morning when dampness freezes from a low-temperature snap in the region. Local roofers like Ultimate Roofing know this and are careful on all of their residential roofing projects. Producing high-quality results is our number one priority. Utilizing our skills, experience, and extensive knowledge of residential roofing, Ultimate Roofing is ready to help you!

 It is also important that your roofing company is insured for the work that they do. You have homeowners insurance for the odd issue that comes up, but roofing contractors need to have their own liability insurance since they are doing work that could result in serious injury or worse. Don’t take chances with a roofer that doesn’t have a local number or hasn’t done many installations. The team at Ultimate Roofing has been doing local roofing installations for years.

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Ultimate Roofing is a family-owned roofing contractor. They have worked with a wide variety of different partners, from architects and property managers to local builders and general contractors. Over the years they have done more than a thousand residential roofing projects, so they know what they are doing. Let them put their experienced team to work on your Clarksburg, Morgantown, Bridgeport, Buckhannon, WV, Uniontown, Washington, PA, or surrounding area home, and give Ultimate Roofing a call today.

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